Show your Good Sam’s Club, AAA membership card or Military ID at Check-in to receive a 10% discount off the DAILY rate. Online Bookings are charged full rate and discount refunds will be processed at check-in after you show your card.


  • Sites will not be held without payment. Every booking requires a deposit, including all members of a group booking.


  • Cancellation fee is determined by how much notice we are given and if stay includes special dates. (Detailed chart found on confirmation email & online booking page)
  • Two day fee: within week of Holiday/Football weekend, within one day of regular booking.
  • One day fee: within month of Holiday/Football weekend, within week of regular booking & within two days of winter booking,
  • 10% fee: month+ notice for Holidays, week+ notice for regular bookings, two+ days notice for winter bookings.

No-Show Policy

  • Failure to appear on the designated check-in day without telephone notification will result in cancellation of the entire reservation and loss of all deposits paid.

Special Requests  

  • Camp A Way will not guarantee a specific site.
  • Sites are assigned at check-in with your needs and requests in mind. Please request attributes in order of importance (satellite view, near playground, space for an extra tent) so we can choose the best location for your stay. Management reserves the right to substitute similar site types (example: 50 amp pull-thru vs. “big rig” 50 amp pull-thru, etc.)

Early Arrivals

  • If you must be parked in a site before 1:00 pm, you should book the campsite for the previous night. Camp A Way does not have any “RV waiting areas.”
  • Confirmation emails are sent for each booking. Guests are responsible for alerting us about errors or undelivered email within 24 hrs. of booking. Clients who don’t provide emails are still subject to policies.

Changes Before Arrival

  • Changes to a booking may alter the balance of your Guest Folio. Negative balances may incur up to a $10 administration fee. Payments and Refunds for advanced changes will be processed at Check-in.

Postponing Your Stay

  • A booking postponed on the scheduled arrival date shall be charged the cost of that day.
  • A booking may not be postponed by more than a week. The booking will be cancelled with fees, and a new booking deposit will be taken.
  • Tents must be moved every third day and have a maximum stay of seven days.
  • A daily fee applies to tents erected on RV sites and “second” tents on tent sites. It is best to let us know in advance so we can choose an RV site with the appropriate yard if one is available.

Pets in Tents:

  • Tenting Guests should take dogs with them when leaving the park. Tents are not soundproof and lonely pups can easily rip through tent walls. Your pet must always have a responsible person with them. Since pets are not allowed in campground facilities, special planning is required when taking advantage of all the fun stuff the campground has to offer.
  • Tenting Guests please see “Special Considerations for Guests with Tents”

Visitors’ Pets

  • Visitors should leave their pets at home.

Registered Guests’ Pets

  • Quiet, well-mannered, socialized pets are welcome. 
  • Be respectful. If you have any concerns about separation anxiety, barking, or your pet’s response to squirrels, children, or other animals, you should leave your pet at home.
  • If a pet is outside, so is a person. Pets must be leashed at all times when outside of the dog park. Pet waste must be picked up immediately.
  • Pets are not permitted inside the pool, spa, office, bathrooms, laundry, or cottage.

Dog Park

  • Dog park rules are posted at dog park. 
  • Pets must be supervised by a responsible party. Toys and balls are allowed, make sure your dog is willing to share. Aggressive dogs are prohibited.
  • All payments are due at check-in. Partial payments are not allowed. Booking length will be reduced to appropriate length and change fee will be applied.
  • Check in at the Office for site assignment and escort or directions to campsite or cabin.
  • Check-in is after 1 pm. If you require a campsite before that time, please book the previous night.

Late Arrivals

  • If you made an advance booking, a personalized site map will be near the Office door directing you to your reserved site.
  • If you did not have a booking, a Night Registration area is provided next to the Office door.
  • Check-out time is before 11 am. Late checkouts may be available Sunday – Thursday for a fee. Unauthorized stays will be charged the full daily rate.
  • Failure or inability to check-out or move to a newly assigned site may result in additional fees being charged to your account, including any refunds Camp A Way would have to give to the inconvenienced client(s) whose bookings are affected.

Staying Longer, Changing Sites

  • Weekly & Monthly rates will not be retroactively applied for more than two (2) days.
  • Campground fees will not be prorated and may not be paid in installments.
  • Payment is required at the time of an extension.
  • A guest who must change sites to extend a booking shall pay the rate for the new campsite.

Early Check-Out

  • Guests who leave earlier than originally scheduled will have the booking re-calculated. This may or may not result in a refund.
  • A guest may not apply “remaining days” to future visits.
  • Refunds must have manager approval and may not be immediately available.
  • Refunds are calculated using whole time periods and are not prorated. (Fifteen days is calculated as 2 weeks & 1 day, not 1/2 a month.)
  • Daily Stays will have no refunds for the “last night.” Weekly rates will have no refunds after the 4th day. Monthly rates will have no refunds after the 16th day.
  • Refunds are credited to the original payment account. Refunds from personal check payments will be sent via USPS after payment has been posted.
  • A guest is not eligible for a refund if a rule violation results in ejection from the park.
  • Purchase a Wash Permit for a small fee and your RV may be washed on-site by you or a local company.
  • Waterless spot-cleaning (no hose, no bucket, no suds) is permitted without a permit.
  • Car, truck, motorcycle, etc. washing is prohibited.

Camping is more fun with friends! Please note that Health & Safety Guidelines may affect group sizes and visitor permissions.


  • Groups of 2-5 RVs can create bookings as normal. Larger groups should speak with senior staff members. Groups of 10 or more RVs may be eligible for special discounts. Group tenting, consisting of 10 tents or 20 guests, may be eligible for special discounts as well.
  • Camp A Way does NOT have any indoor meeting rooms.


  • Visitors should check-in at the Office and must leave the park by 10:00 p.m. A visitor’s pass may be required to be displayed in their vehicle.
  • Visitors of registered guests may use the pool/spa for a fee or may purchase a wristband to experience all the campground has to offer.
  • Registered Guests are responsible for the safety, supervision, and actions of their children, pets, and Visitors.


  • Camp A Way has limited additional parking areas for vehicles. Please ensure you and your visitors park in designated spaces.
  • Football Weekend and Extended Stay waiting lists are created when we stop taking bookings for certain dates or site types.
  • Required information: check-in date, number of nights you agree to stay, RV size & type, multiple phone numbers ( ! ), and the latest date to contact you.
  • When a campsite becomes available, our staff calls qualifying clients from the list. We then make a booking for the first client to answer their call and say “yes” to the agreed dates of stay. Due to the time-sensitive nature, we do not leave voicemails or wait for second-party approval. 
  • Client qualification is not based on when a client was added to the list, but on the specifics of each vacancy.

We set aside a selection of campsites for extended stay use. Special extended stay rates apply ONLY to those specific sites. Once full, we create a waiting list of current guests who move into the extended-stay sites as each is vacated.


  • Camp A Way’s extended stay sites are for temporary visitors to the Lincoln area. The City of Lincoln Municipal Codes limit the number of extended-stay guests and limit all visitors to no more than 180 cumulative days in a campground. A designated check-out date is required. 
  • Permission to use Camp A Way’s facilities may be revoked at any time for any reason. Guests may be subject to a background check. There is no implied lease contract, rental agreement, or tenant commitment. Camp A Way may NOT be used as a residence or permanent mailing address.


  • Extended stay guests shall have a credit card on file for automatic payments. Statements will be sent out via email. Guests with past-due accounts may lose Weekly and Monthly discounts for time spent in arrears. Late fees may be applied.

Changing sites

  • A weekly extended-stay guest who switches to a monthly extended stay site will have the new monthly booking begin on the assigned day of movement. Current booking will be truncated, and any credits will be applied to the new monthly booking. Campground fees will not be prorated.

RVs & Vehicles

  • Trailers may not be brought in by a third party. Towing vehicle must remain on-site or be a daily driver. Vehicles and RVs should be in good working condition and may require photos. Sites are designed for one RV and one passenger vehicle. Additional vehicles and cargo trailers may be required to be parked in satellite lots.
  • Please leave work at work. Construction equipment, commercial semi-trucks, and other such items should be stored at your job site. 


  • Wooden decks are not permitted. Shade structures must be easily portable. Only camping-appropriate furniture is permissible. Please place decorations in a way to avoid damage to/from lawnmowers and snowplows.
  • RV skirting is only allowed from November through March. Only custom vinyl/canvas RV skirting is allowed. Rigid foam board, tarps, or other such materials are not permitted.